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 Ассоц член лого

Dear colleagues and friends! Today in the life of our "Ukrainian society of periodontists" there was a remarkable event - by the decision of the EFP Executive Committee, all associate members of EFP got the right to use a new logo, reflecting our full involvement in this organization !!!
This is a perfect wonderful solution! Enjoy together with us, because we are talking about the prestige of Ukraine in Europe !!!
On behalf of the board and the coordination council of our USP, we thank the Executive Committee and express the hope that we will become a full member of this organization very soon !!!


EFP News:

Key date: November 28, deadline for EuroPerio9 abstract submissions
The deadline for submissions of abstracts for consideration for next year’s EuroPerio9 congress is fast approaching.


University of Turin joins EFP’s accredited postgraduate programme
The University of Turin has become the latest university to offer an EFP-accredited postgraduate programme in periodontology.



Czech perio days explores failures in periodontology, compromised teeth and implants, and other key topics
The Czech Society of Periodontology recently staged a two-day meeting that explored key topics in periodontal clinical practice.


Latest issue of JCP Digest focuses on generalised aggressive periodontitis
Generalised aggressive periodontitis (GAgP) is characterised by rapid attachment loss and bone resorption in the inter-proximal areas of more than three permanent teeth, other than first molars and incisors.



Italian perio society holds course on treating severely compromised teeth
A recent two-day course organised by the Italian Society of Periodontology (SIdP) put the focus on how dental professionals should treat severely compromised teeth.



EFP and AAP bring experts together to review disease classification in world perio workshop that will have big impact
One of the most important events in recent years in the science of periodontology opens in Chicago on November 9, bringing together more than a hundred experts from across the world in a workshop whose effects are likely to be far-reaching and long-lasting.




Ukrainian society of periodontists invites all doctors to participate in the largest event in the world of periodontology - the international congress EuroPerio 9 !!!
Scientific-practical conference on clinical periodontology: "Periodontology - Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow", Lviv. 27.10.17


































10/20/2017 passed 4 National Ukrainian Dentistry Congress !!!
Symposium "Innovative approaches to the diagnosis and treatment of periodontal tissue diseases and oral mucosa in childhood and adulthood".
Ukrainian society of periodontists invites to the International Congress - EuroPerio 9!!!






























EFP News № 9

EFP News n  9 FINAL 1 1

EFP News n  9 FINAL 1 2

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EFP News n  9 FINAL 1 5



Today at the Department of Therapeutic Dentistry of the ID  NMAPE named after PL Shupik passed a master class for interns.
Topic: Endo, Perio








EuroPerio 9

More information:


























































Our participation in international conferences for 5 years (2013-2017)


Israel 2013

March 15, 2013. Meeting of the EFP Assembly, Jerusalem (Israel). Ukrainian society of periodontists was honoured by associate membership to EFP.


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 9-12.04. 2014. “XII Kongress Stomatologów Polskich”, Krakow (Poland)


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5-7.03.2015. 17 International congress "Periodontitis: awareness, innovation and method for the management of an epidemic". Italy


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 3-6.06.2015. International Congress EuroPerio 8. London (Great Britain)


Our international conferences for 5 years (2013-2017) 


Clinical periodontology - vision into future 2013 Kiev 

11-12.04. 2013. 5-th international stomatological congress “Clinical periodontology – the vision into future”. Under support of European Federation of Periodontology
Foreign colleagues invited to the conference:
M. D., Prof. P. Baehni (Switzerland); 
PhD, Assoc. Prof. J. Pytko-Polonczyk (Poland); M. D., Prof. G. Matuliene (Switzerland); 
M. D., Prof. L. Y. Orekhova (Russian Federation); 
M. D., Prof. O.I. Grudianov (Russian Federation); 
M. D., Prof. K. Demirel (Turkey); 
PhD, Assoc. Prof. D. Bozic (Croatia); 
M. D., Prof. O. V. Shchypsky (Russian Federation); 
M. D., Prof. N.A. Yudina (Republic of Belarus).
The guest of the conference is Dr. M. Reners (Belgium).
The conference was attended by 250 doctors.

Kiev (Ukraine)


13-14.11.2014 Kiev

13-14.11.2014 – VI Scientific-practical conference with international attendance “Interdisciplinary approach in treatment of periodontal disease. Myth or reality?”, Under support of European Federation of Periodontology. Among the participants, besides the leading Ukrainian experts in the field of periodontology from different regions of Ukraine (Kyiv, Odesa, Lviv, Kharkiv, Poltava), colleagues from abroad: 
M. D., Prof. K. Demirel (Turkey); 
J.L. van Dijk (Netherlands); 
PhD, Assoc. Prof. D. Bozic (Croatia)
The conference was attended by 310 doctors. 

Kiev (Ukraine)


16-17.04.2015 Kiev 

16-17.04.2015. Scientific-practical conference with international attendance «Regenerative periodontology: modernity and future». 
Foreign colleagues invited to the conference:
M. D., Prof. N.A. Yudina (Republic of Belarus)
Under support of European Federation of Periodontology. Within the framework of the conference was the student study club of Society "Periodontal meeting: From science to practice...", wich was attended by about 60 students, interns, clinical residents, postgraduate students.
The conference was attended by about 230 doctors.

Kiev (Ukraine)


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6-7.04.2017. Scientific-practical conference with international attendance «Modern approaches to diagnostics and treatment of polymorbid patients with concomitant pathology of periodont and internal organs». Under support of European Federation of Periodontology
Foreign colleagues invited to the conference:
M. D., Prof. K. Demirel (Turkey);
M. Reners (Belgium); 
A. Puriene (Lithuania); 
D. Ivanauskayte (Lithuania); 
A. Darrat (Libya); 
A. Elharathi (Libya); 
A. El-Geriani (Libya).
The conference was attended by about 340 doctors.
Kiev (Ukraine)



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17-18.09.2015. International scientific-practical conference “Cell therapy and tissue bioengineering in dentistry”. 
Foreign colleagues invited to the conference:
Adjun. Prof., PhD, DDS Vincenzo Iorio Siciliano (Italy); 
Prof. Claudio Banzi (Italy); 
Prof., PhD, DDS David M. Dohan Ehrenfest (USA); 
Prof., M.D. Zurab Kakabadze (Georgia); 
Assoc. Prof. Roman Zarudiy (Russia). 
Within the framework of the conference was workshop by Prof. Chumakova Y.G. on 18.09 - “From the struggle with microbial biofilm - to the successful regeneration of tissues”
The conference was attended by about 230 doctors.

Odessa (Ukraine)


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8-9.04.2017. Symposium “Hyaluronic Acid in Dentistry: Science and Advances”. 
Foreign colleagues invited to the conference:
Prof. Andrea Pilloni, MD, DDS, MS (Italy); 
Dr. Mogammad Thabit Peck, MSc, MChD, MRD RCSEd, FDS RCEd (South Africa); 
Dr. Rami Al-Khateeb, PhD (Jordan). 
The Symposium was attended by 140 doctors.

Kiev (Ukraine)


Our workshops for 5 years (2013-2017) 

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Workshop in Kiev (Ukraine)


22281928 1706948409318171 5291694584191816118 n

 Workshop in Lviv (Ukraine)


22279626 1706948785984800 8732542668037180577 n

Workshop in Odessa (Ukraine)


 22281855 1706950282651317 4002550259673897511 n

 Workshop in Poltava (Ukraine)


 22281844 1706950625984616 7272246523236764429 n

 Workshop in Uzhgorod (Ukraine)


Our Ukrainian conferences for 5 years (2013-2017) 

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25.03.2016 – Poltava - Scientific-practical conference “Actual issues of clinical periodontology”
The conference was attended by about 500 doctors.


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21.09.2016 – Bila Tserkva – Conference “Pharmacotherapy in the treatment of periodontal tissue diseases”
The conference was attended by 48 doctors.


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09.02.2017 – Kiev – Symposium "Perio. Endo. Resto: Science. Practice. Experience. »

The conference was attended by about 110 doctors.


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 17.02.2017. Conference “Periodontal disease in children, clinical features, diagnosis and treatment”. Bila Tserkva (Ukraine)


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26.04.2017 – Kiev - Symposium "Perio-, Endo-, Resto-II: Science. Practice. Experience. »
The conference was attended by about 130 doctors.




Ukrainian Society of Periodontists invites

to participate in the international congress EuroPerio 9 (20-23 June 2018, Amsterdam)



The registration starts on September 25, 2017



March 14, 2018
June 8, 2018
June 9, 2018
EFP Members 530,- EUR 680,- EUR 810,- EUR
Non Members 680,- EUR 810,- EUR 930,- EUR
Dental Hygienists 390,- EUR 490,- EUR 610,- EUR
Students*/Dental Assistants**/Nurses** 260,- EUR 315,- EUR 375,- EUR


* proof required (full-time students only)
** proof required



For registration, call (044) 235 63 94


IMG 7488

EP9 sayt


Video of the Month: Getting moving for EuroPerio9

Videos featuring EFP president Gernot Wimmer, members of the EuroPerio9 organising committee, and the presidents of EFP-affiliated national societies of periodontology, have been released on YouTube as part of the EuroPerio9 promotional campaign. Using the slogan “Let’s get moving for EuroPerio9”, the videos feature the participants on bicycles in Amsterdam, the host city for the June 2018 congress.



EFP launches alumni project and invites online registration

EFP Alumni, a network based around the EFP’s accredited postgraduate programmes in periodontology has been launched. The EFP Alumni project, co-ordinated by Filippo Graziani, brings together graduates and teachers of these programmes. Special EFP Alumni events (including a session at EuroPerio9) are now being organised. The EFP invites anyone who qualifies for membership to register online at the EFP Alumni page in the Education section of the EFP website.


Full details of EuroPerio9 scientific programme are released

The EuroPerio9 organising committee has published the "second announcement" of the scientific programme for the congress, which takes place at the RAI Amsterdam centre from June 20 to June 23, 2018. Highlights include live surgery, a debate about the use of antibiotics, an interactive session on treatment scenarios, and the “nightmare session”.


Michèle Reners outlines vision for EuroPerio9

Michèle Reners, chair of the organising committee for EuroPerio9, says that the Amsterdam 2018 congress will be more interactive than ever, with a greater participation from women and young periodontal professionals, and with many innovations in the programme. “I think that the combination of the location, the scientific programme, and our communications plans will create a very interesting meeting that everyone can benefit from and experience in a good way,” she says.


New-look Perio Insight magazine puts spotlight on genetics and highlights latest periodontal research

The summer edition of Perio Insight magazine can now be downloaded from the EFP website. It offers an in-depth analysis of the role of genetics in periodontal disease, a report on a global call for action on periodontal diseases, and a round-up of recent research published in the EFP’s Journal of Clinical Periodontology.






Filippo Graziani, EFP coordinator of the European Gum Health Day in 2017, thanked for participation: "This is unprecedented in European Dentistry, and I am deeply grateful to dozens of colleagues working voluntarily throughout Europe to make this day special"



Dear colleagues and friends!
So, this day has come ... May 12 - European Day of healthy gums -European Gum Health EFP-2017 !!! Today we sum up the first results and I should say with pride that the Day was a success !!! The whole plan of activities, outlined by our Ukrainian Society of Periodontists (USP) was implemented !!! I am infinitely grateful to my students, and also to all colleagues who took an active part in this action !!! I thank all the heads of regional branches of our USP: Odessa, Kharkiv, Lviv, Zaporozhye, Uzhhorod, Belaya Tserkov, Poltava, Vinnitsa, Dnieper, Ivano-Frankivsk, Kramatorsk and, of course, Kiev !!! I thank the Ukrainian Association of Dental Hygienists (President-Prof. O.V.Denga), the Ukrainian Academy of Dental Health (President-Prof. N.Savichuk), TMO "Stomatology" Kiev (Director VA Mohorev, Deputy Director-VP Mirza), director of IS NMAPO them. P.L. Shupika (prof.- EN Doroshenko), who actively supported our action and really helped its implementation !!!
Special thanks to our partners, without which we could not give patients memorable information on prevention issues: Lacalut, Colgate, GSK, Bishofit, and Dentsply Sirona !!! Today we have shown you such a professional unity and mutual understanding that it is worth a lot !!!
The Department of Therapeutic Dentristry of the IS NMAPO named after PL Shupyk with the support of the NGO "Ukrainian Society of Periodontists" conducted a preventive examination of patients to determine their periodontal status using a single card for periodontal examination.
All examined were given recommendations on hygienic care for the oral cavity.







Department of Children's Dentistry of the Institute of Dentistry of the National Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education
Named after PL Shupik and the Public Association "The Academy of Dental Health" supports and is actively involved in the activities of the Ukrainian Society of Periodontists, headed by Prof. Beloklitska GF




Doctors of DPEMC NMAPE named after PLShupik took part in the European day of healthy gums - EFP - 2017, which is held at IS NMAPO named after PL Shupik with the support of the Ukrainian Society of Periodontists and the Ukrainian Academy of Dental Health. A preventive examination of patients was carried out to determine their periodontal status using a single card for a periodontist examination with recommendations for hygienic care of the oral cavity.





All the photos you can find on the page of our Association in facebook: 


EP9 sayt

 IMG 7488

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Liflet 2014 VI-konferrns 2







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