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Ukrainian Society of Periodontists (USP)

The USP was founded in 2006, the Society has approximately 600 members. It has 14 regional centers, which are located on all the territory of Ukraine.
USP is dedicated to contributing to scientific knowledge in Periodontology and in related medical-biological disciplines. The main mission of the USP is prevention and diagnosis of diseases of the periodontal tissues and their functional and aesthetic rehabilitation.


USP objective

 The objectives of USP shall be to promote the best interests of its members:

a. To promote the science and scientific understanding of periodontology.
b. To support the scientific and clinical research in periodontology.
c. To participate and contribute towards post-graduate training, continuing dental education, research and practice in the field of periodontology and its related subjects.
d. To disseminate and publicize periodontal information in printed and audiovisual media.
e. To enlighten and direct public opinion on aspects of periodontology when the occasion arises.
f. To contribute, participate, and cooperate with International Periodontal Organizations.
g. To approve periodontics as a specialty in Ukraine.


Member types

 Requisite qualifications necessary in order to become a member of the USP. For each category the following requisite qualifications are necessary in order to become a member of the USP:


Membership is limited to:
1. Individual membership is limited to restrict periodontist practitioners, general dental practitioners, others dental and medical specialties, and dental hygienists, as well as undergraduate and postgraduate dental students.
2. Collective membership is limited to group of people such as dental and medical trade companies, dental and medical board of publishers.
3. Honorary membership is limited to person by decision of board committee for their achievement in the goal of USP.



Ukrainian Society of Periodontology, The Department of Therapeutic Dentistry,
NMAPE named after P.L.Shupyk
No: 1, Blvd. Shevchenko, Kiev, 01004 Ukraine
Tel: 380-44-235 63 94
Факс: 380-44-235 63 94
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.