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Reviews of The 3rd International Conference
"Periodontics Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow",
12-13th of March, 2010 Kyiv


      According to The 3rd International Scientific Conference "Periodontics yesterday, today and tomorrow" an opportunity to improve knowledges in periodontology, to share practical and scientific experiences, tohave active discussion of the most actual questions of contemporary periodontology were provided due to participation of prominent scientists from Western Europe and the leading scientists from Russia, Byelorussia and Ukraine. The practical trainings were provided, where participants had an opportunity not only to acquire knowleges but also to start with practical skills in some modern periodontal approach methodics, that coused considerable interest in all present doctors, scientists, teachers, young doctors. The future plans within the framework of the conference were stated for improvement of the level of periodontal help in Ukraine, for improvement of the quality of scientific researches, for qualitative training of future dentists and their professional skills during dental practice. All this steps were made for contribution into the growing authority of Ukrainian Society of Periodontists, for future progress of practical dentists and scientists of Ukraine is sphere of periodontology.
       Appreciation to the President of Ukrainian Society of Periodontists, Head of the Department of Conservative Dentistry IS NMAPE named after P.L.Shupyk, Honored Scientist and Technology, DDSc., Professor Galina Biloklytska for organization of the conference, uniting together not only the members of Ukrainian Society of Periodontists, but also large number of practitional dentists, young doctors and students from all regions of Ukraine, that took active part in support and solution of common society problems, also the members of other Ukrainian societies actively participated in discussion of interesting presentations and important organizing society questions - Ukrainian Endodontic Association, Association of Dental Implantology Ukraine. We hope that such meetings will be regular.

        Professor T. Petrushanko



        An importance of periodontology as prominent branch of dentistry was showed. The creation of Ukrainian Society of Periodontists aimed for introduction of new technologies in diagnostics and treatment of periodontal diseases, for necessity of education and existence of working periodontists and scientific workers in this field of dentistry. During organization of several scientific conferences initiated by Ukrainian Society of Periodontists and it's first president Prof. Biloklytska Galina, an opportunity to provide and share experience with leading national and international lectors in this field was realized.
        At the 3rd time The International Conference was dedicated to the modern questions of periodontology, which were discussed and presented by well-known specialists in periodontology that are known all over the world. Much attention was paid on the report of Prof. Joerg Meyle (Germany) and Prof. Pierre C. Baehni (Switzerland) that were dedicated to the etiology, pathogenesis of periodontal diseases and also to the modern approaches of treatment of this disease. To expand knowledge in details of aesthetic and functional rehabilitation of periodontal patients have deen showed in the report of Prof. Jean-Louis Giovannoli (France) and Prof. Korkud Demirel (Turkey). The reports promoted an active discussion among the participants. That is very important moment that every participant had nice opportunity to communicate directly with leading international lectors and honoured professors and this cooperation gave an opportunity to exchange with opinions and experiences.
Reports of leading national experts in periodontology, which were presented on March 13, also provided an opportunity for participants to improve their knowledges and professional skills level in the field of periodontology, including the prevention and treatment of periodontal disease and rehabilitation of patients. Such conference plays an important role for practitional dentists, dental scientists all over the country, who determinate the future development of periodontology in the near future in the country.
Representatives of regional society branches showed an importance of such meetings for creation and establishment of new professional contacts, information exchange, skills with the world technology and modern approaches. The information took into cosideration by the participants have found the wide practical implementation. We wish to have such events in the future.

        Head of Department of Preventive Dentistry

        prof. VM Kulygin



        The 3rd International Conference "Periodontics Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow", 12-13th of March, Kyiv, organized according support of National medical Academy for post- graduate education named after P.L. Shupyk and due to support of Dental Training Centre, induced high interest among dental practitioners from all over the country. The foreign honoured guests from Switzerland, Germany, Turkey, Russia and Ukraine were invited to participate and present their lections. High conference organizing level, which demonstrated the leadership of members from the organizing committee. The new medical literature resourses, last drugs brands, modern workshops were presented to all participants. The logical sequence of conference and strict construction of lectors raised up just in 2 days a whole layer of modern periodontology, as science, showing the etiological factors according to the modern methods of complex treatment of periodontal diseases.
        The hospitable host and perfect organization left in every soul of each guest an unforgettable experience and growing desire to meet again. Indeed, such meetings make possible an opportunity to receive not only academic and professional experience and to intensify their clinical knowledges, but also find out that the most valuable in our life is to have real friends and cooperate with them, than you will communicate and continue to grow in professional and personal meaning.

        Head of the Department of Therapeutic Dentistry of Ivano-Frankivsk

        National Medical University, MD, professor Herelyuk V. I.



        The successfully combined conference program and compliance between presentations gave an opportunity to present modern tendences in diagnostics and treatment of periodontal disease. All lectors were opened for discussion and dialog with all participants. It was nice to understand that our points of view were the same with foreign guests.
This meeting was interesting and useful not only for practitional dentists but also for young specialists. The organizing committee paid much attention for organization and providing this meeting in that not simple economic status that took place in that time, that was not so simple and cost a lot of efforts for all of them. But thank you all. Hope to meet again on another meeting.
        Professor N.H. Barannyk


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